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When Should You Call A Consultant?

When you don't show up in search results or on maps. When your logo needs love. When you're tired of being held hostage to your Website. When you realize that you shouldn't have to do everything yourself. When you are considering hiring a new position. When you just want to be free to do your job. This doesn't have to cost so much or take so long!

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How Can I Help Grow This Business?

You have a product or a service. That’s your core business. You shouldn’t be worrying about all the things you have to do to bring traffic your way or what the latest trends are. You tell me what you want. I’ll explain how that can happen. Then I’ll make it happen. You get to get back to your job. It really can be that simple.

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What I Will Do for You

You already know what you want. You might even know what’s broken. You know there’s a button somewhere that will make everything better, but you’re just not sure where it is. I troubleshoot that. I’ll help you push that button, then I’ll teach you or your staff to keep it running. Seriously, this could be easy.

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What Partners Say

I can confidently recommend Robert as very focused and capable communicator, innovator, and leader. He is a creative thinker, but also appropriately purposeful about whatever he does, and his purpose always seems to include the needs of his customers, colleagues, and the community around him. Robert has a unique ability to see the strengths in others and capitalize on them to bring about the greatest result. He is also just a really great guy to work with! - Jim Allison, Owner and Creative Director, Thot Communications