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15 Grammar Mistakes Stop Making Now! – Infographic

I love just about everything the good people over at Copyblogger do. So I ran across this classic infographic they did a few years back and just had to repost it.

We All Make Grammar Errors

I’ve got things that drive me nuts when I read, but I know I’m guilty half the time too! Especially when I’m running at top-speed and cranking out words. Don’t even get me started on what social media and mobile phone posting has done to all of us!

The Grammar Mistakes Hall of Fame

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it, right? Well, this list of Grammar Mistakes to stop making immediately is a pretty good place to start. I refer to these writing mistakes below as the Hall of Fame mistakes that we all can fix very easily.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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What Are Your Grammar Mistake Pet Peeves?

The one that drives me the most nuts is lose vs. loose. It makes for some of the craziest sentences in context! I also chuckle when people use the word “literally”…even when they’re doing it ironically, it’s still wrong. Don’t get me started, but the root of “literal” has to do with written word, not “actuality” as it has become synonymous with. I’m digressing.

Blame It On Your Smartphone

Be honest. We’ve all done it. When we go back and read what we wrote so well and we either screwed up or autocorrect changed something we can blame the phone! However, there is one takeaway from this: proofreading will never not be a good habit.

Proof Your Writing

If any of this talk of grammatical errors mistakes and blunders can teach us anything, it’s that you should always go back and re-read it. Read it out loud. Get someone smarter than you to read it. But don’t just hit post/send/talk.

Like anything else, thinking first and double-checking will fix almost all of this!

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