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In The Beginning

After working in sales, customer service, newspaper circulation, marketing, and public relations for various companies for years, I was asked to start up and lead an in-house full service “agency” department at a private university in Portland, Oregon. I did this for nearly 9 years and loved it.

One day during my time at the university I was asked by a contact at a small non-profit to help out with some radio advertising questions. They loved it and saved themselves a lot of money and headache. Then, someone else asked me to help get them a logo. Then someone else asked me how to start a Facebook group and monitor Twitter feeds. Then another company asked me to hook them up with some killer printing and display productions. Sometimes I did it as a favor, but most of the time I charged a small fee for my time.

That’s When It Hit Me

All of these friends, leaders and business owners have similar issues no matter what industry they’re in. I, coincidentally, have all of those connections already and almost no overhead to warrant expensive prices or slow turn-around.

3 Common Challenges

I boiled down these challenges that I was fixing to three main things all businesses eventually face:

  1. They (mostly) know what they need, but don’t know where to get it.
  2. They don’t trust they will get a good deal from just anyone. And don’t know where to look.
  3. They can’t afford to hire in-house or go with a big agency – but need that level of support.

Sound Familiar?

If any of this sounds familiar, please let me know and let’s just take a few minutes to talk about it.