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Body Language – The Underrated Business Skill

I love the study of body language because of its basic importance to interpersonal communication. Once you accept, that in many ways, your daily work life is an ongoing exercise in marketing yourself, you’ll understand why these things are so important.

Care About Your Body Language

Your body language says more about you than anything else. Others assess you within seconds of seeing you and decide how they should treat you. Even the people who know you best. Your body language – and that of others around you – is what sets the “tone” of any conversation or interaction. You can turn the tide of conversations just by being aware of what you’re saying with your body and by watching the non-verbal cues from the other person.

So, What Is Good Body Language?

This infographic from Gengo has some pretty good stuff in it. I don’t agree with some of it (Especially the parts about touching others at work. Avoid a lawsuit, please!), but the truth behind what they are saying is still there. Find your own way to do this in your own “tribes” and watch things get better.

Info-graphic about body language in business

Be Aware of Your Body Language

You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to increase your awareness. Study yourself and others the way a biologist observes animals. It’s really our most basic – and animal – form of communication and it is more powerful than you think.


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