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The Easiest Way To Get More Social Media Followers

How To Be Popular Online!

Getting more social media followers is easier than you think.

Let’s face it, almost everything we do online is an extension of our own personal branding exercise. We’re all PR reps for ourselves and society around the world is getting better at crafting personal images all the time. In essence, it’s high school, but everyone is popular. And we all, deep down inside (even that guy who doesn’t post very often) want to know how to get more social media followers.

Slaves To Math

Just like high school, we all hate math class, but it’s the foundation for truly understanding how to live life well on a day-to-day basis. It’s the math and actual facts of how the system works that determines online social media success more than anything else. Brands know this and are slaves to the ever-shifting mathematical conditions they must meet to please Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Vine, YouTube, and other oddly named social network sites yet to be birthed.

Why You Should Care About Math On Social Media

Most of us “real people” don’t ever think about the math that determines success in social media. (Again, success here, at it’s most base, is “popularity” – brands call this by secret jargon like reach/engagement/conversions – still a popularity contest to get the crown at some prom somewhere). If you don’t pay attention to the numbers and algorithms and conditions that determine who will see what, then you’re missing out.

If You Can Read A Clock, You’ll Be More Popular On Social Media

The simplest math issue that we all practice every day is that of knowing what time it is and planning our things accordingly. Even people who are chronically late use a clock more adeptly than notoriously prompt people. That’s all you need to know to get more social media followers.

How To Get More Social Media Followers

The following infographic from Social Marketing Writing¬†does a decent job of showing the impact of timing posts well. Read it. Then, don’t say “that doesn’t apply to me”…because you can use tools to figure out when the best time to post for your “audience” is. When in doubt, use this as a guideline below.

I mentioned Tweriod and Buffer here.

Start there for Twitter and then we’ll look at other networks later on.

You’ve crafted your presence, now make it work harder for you.

Best Time To Post To Social Media Infographic

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