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3 Free Online Tools To Make Life Easier

We’re busy. You, me, and everyone you’ve ever talked to (seems like, anyway). I’m constantly on the search for simplification. I’ve got social media stuff to keep up on. Things in lists to remember. People to get back to. Finances to stay on top of.

Put another way, I’m looking to do as little work as possible, but still reap the benefits.

3 Free Online Tools Making Things Easier For Me

  1. Google Keep

    Seriously, this one is the best, easiest, quickest, and best-looking list service you can use. It can keep everything. The mobile app syncs perfectly with the desktop version. Make reminders, notes, photo notes, drawings, whatever you want. And you can just talk to it and it will take the note down. Great on desktop, Android, iPhone, Chrome extension, and chances are, you already have an account (Gmail, Youtube logins, anyone?).Google Keep Android Screenshot

  2. Evercontact

    Keeping up on contact updates is hard. Evercontact works with Gmail and Outlook (and others, to a degree). It automatically scans your contacts and recent emails to then updates information. You literally set it up one time and then you never worry about it again. It’s awesome. I always have the most current phone number or address or email. (You could do the paid version to get even more magic. I only use the free.Evercontact email contact update service logo

  3. Tweriod + Buffer

    The easiest way to time your posts across multiple social media networks. Period. You use Tweriod to analyze your Twitter feed, then you import it to Buffer and start adding posts, links, whatever – and it, well, buffers them automatically. Fewer features but also simpler than Hootsuite. Just share anything once via Buffer App for iPhone, Android, Chrome, etc. and let it post to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc at optimal times.Tweriod Twitter Audience Analysis LogoBuffer App Social Media Scheduling Logo



A Note About Privacy and Free Online Tools

Nothing is truly free. All free tools require some sort of sign-in. So, if you’re worried about data privacy or something, then free stuff isn’t for you (then again, neither is paid stuff, just saying). Maybe I’ll dig deeper in to this, but the privacy horse left that barn about 30 years ago. So, just some food for thought. If you’re worried about it, then read the user agreements. But honestly, they already know everything about you anyway.

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