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Marketing Design Trends To Watch For In 2014

Living in the Portland area allows me the luxury of watching some pretty nice design that tends to be way ahead of the national curve. So, it was with great interest (and amusement) that I looked at this infographic about design trends coming in 2014 from It’s full of design trends that people I work with every day in Portland have already grown tired of!

Marketing with Beards

Is it new? Beards, multi-racial models, diverse women, Instagrammed food, and the World Cup? Not really, but this is maybe the best indication of what the “mainstream” will be pushing and wanting more of. I guess that’s the difference, is that Portland (and places like it – you know who you are, Brooklyn and Austin!) likes to set trends by always looking for something different.

And besides, they gave us a pretty cool infographic to look at.

Infographic: 2014 visual trends, November 2013

What Are Your Design Goals for 2014?

Are you worried it costs too much? Worry not – there are great designers at all price points. It’s important and your customers are very smart. They care about smart design and it makes you look good.

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